Wendy and Wagtail and the Welsh Whale by Howard Jennings
Stock up on early Christmas presents or the ideal stocking filler and help to Save Saundersfoot’s Lonely Tree.
This little gem of a children’s book which features Saundersfoot’s ‘Lonely Tree’ and Scar Rock written by Howard Jennings and beautifully illustrated by H. Babington. With each sale of the book at £4.99 now available on Etsy a donation of 50p will be made to the “Saundersfoot’s Lonely Tree Preservation Society”(just £1 P&P). This will be for the tree fund to help secure the future of the iconic Monterey Cypress (our ‘Lonely Tree’).
When Saundersfoot’s famous ‘Lonely Tree’ faced the threat of being felled earlier this year, children’s picture book author Howard Jennings felt compelled to help save the iconic tree.
Howard specialises in children’s stories about nature/climate change, including ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’ – a polar bear cub’s adventures.
An ardent admirer of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coast and countryside, Howard had written a story about the tree on Scar Rock (a Monterey Cypress tree) for his own children on his first visit to Saundersfoot with them several years ago.
When he heard of the tree’s plight, and the resultant powerful groundswell of support to protect it, he dusted off the manuscript and enlisted the help of his favourite illustrator, Helen Babington.
‘Save Saundersfoot’s ‘Lonely Tree’ group and Saundersfoot’s ‘Lonely Tree’ Preservation Society are indebted to Howard Jennings for his kind offer of donations.
You can get to Howard’s Etsy shop here