Now that life is getting back to some sort of ‘new normal’ news worthy stories are becoming less frequent.  I will still send you a press release on a Sunday but some weeks there may not be much to report.


  • We said our sad goodbyes to Nina Thomas’ Lockdown Library and Jane Lee’s weekly Jigsaw Swap. With the arrival of our visitors and guests this week it was felt that they couldn’t ensure everyone’s safety.  Comments for the library included: “it was a life saver for us readers”, “I’ll miss the library. What a great idea it was. Well done Nina.” and “Thank you Nina for all your time and effort”.  Comments for the Jigsaw Swap included: “Well done Jane – what you have done over the last few weeks is much more than just turn up with jigsaws. You’ve been a friendly face, you’ve chatted to lots of people and been an inspiration – what can be achieved with an idea and some dedication. Thank you”, “They will be missed. It has helped enormously having … jigsaws in the lockdown”.  A huge thank you goes to both Nina and Jane for all the hard work they’ve put in over the last few weeks. 
  • Saundersfoot Connect is starting a Monday Motivation group to support everyone who’s trying to get back into shape after three months on the couch! Headed up by retired health, fitness and weight management teacher Anne-Marie Littlewood, the idea of the Monday Motivation group is to encourage and motivate each other as we work to get back into shape.  “We can share weight loss and fitness tips, share our triumphs and disasters. It’s a weight loss buddy group, not a diet class, so you follow your own diet and/or exercise regime” says Anne-Marie.  If you’d like to find out more, see the Saundersfoot Connect Facebook Group.
  • This week the Saundersfoot Connect Facebook Group welcomed its 3,000th member.  The Group started mid-March and has grown steadily ever since.  The Group and the supporting website ( are very popular with its members and has regular features such as Foodie Friday, Seashore Sunday and Monday Memories, keeping everyone engaged and involved.  Two of its founding members, Sara Hicks and Sarah Whiddett are thrilled with how it’s all gone.  “We set it up to support the local people during the Lockdown” said Sara “and it’s done that and so much more”.  “It’s absolutely wonderful how the community has pulled together and supported each other” said Sarah “and we’re really pleased that Saundersfoot Connect has played a part in achieving that”.  Together with the other two friends who helped set up the Group, Ladan Harper and Jackie Taylor, the four have worked hard to make sure the Group is a supportive and friendly place – requiring that its members remember that posts need to be ‘True, Kind and Useful’.