The Tall Ships (Wales) Trust is planning a charter of Topsail Schooner Johanna Lucretia to Saundersfoot in 2022. Johanna Lucretia will also provide activities at Hobbs Point and in the Milford Haven Waterway and offer opportunities for a Sail Training voyage for young people between the ages of 12 and 25.

Coastal Communities Continued (CCC) is the Tall Ships (Wales) Trust’s maritime heritage initiative. CCC, is an evolving and dynamic project originating in the community of Pembroke Dock and at the heart of the project is the annual visit of the Tall Ship, Johanna Lucretia.

The TS(W)T is applying for funding to support the project from both the Pembroke Dock and the Saundersfoot allocations of the PCC’s Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant.

As you will be aware, Pembrokeshire was once a thriving seagoing county and Top Sail Schooners, like Johanna Lucretia, would have been a common sight in the Haven and at Saundersfoot carrying coal and other cargo. The Tall Ship (Wales) Trust is offering a unique opportunity for the community to practically engage with their maritime heritage and to help plan and develop a Tall Ship programme for Saundersfoot. Everyone in the community is welcome to join in, please get in touch by email at to register your interest. 

How can you help?

To improve chances of success with funding, please email  to say that you support the Coastal Communities Continued project and believe that it will make a significant difference to the Saundersfoot Community.

For more details about the Trust’s work please, see the website below.

Tall Ships (Wales) Trust – Sail for all • Hwylio i bawb

To find out more about the ship … Johanna Lucretia – The Island Trust