The Saundersfoot Connect village webcam was installed thanks to the kindness and generosity of two local business people, Adam Thomas of ACDC Electrical & TV Services and Gavin Davies of Rib & Oyster with Freshest Catch.  The residents and those missing Saundersfoot during lockdown were so grateful to the two gentlemen for funding this project and thankful to Sara Hicks and Sarah Whiddett for co-ordinating the initiative.  Thanks too goes to Saundersfoot Harbour and Pembrokeshire Property Management for hosting the camera in their buildings.



And there’s not just this one but two other brand new webcams that were installed during the pandemic.  Here’s the story….

Following many suggestions via the Facebook Group, Saundersfoot Connect, from people that were either self-isolating or just unable to come and visit the place that they loved due to Covid travel restrictions or shielding, Sarah Whiddett and Sara Hicks requested a meeting of a selection of business people locally who they thought they might be able to “encourage” (replace with the word ‘nag’ if you know them) to get a webcam sorted so that people who were stuck at home could at least “see the sea” that they were missing so much.     Loneliness and mental health the ladies thought was likely to be a huge issue during this time.

Following this meeting they began to seek advice from Sara’s neighbour, Julien Hands of Secure IT Wales and funding from places such as the Community Council who were keen to help.  However, speed was of the essence which isn’t always possible when money is involved we but the girls were very thankful for their support.

Enter stage left, Gavin Davies from Freshest Catch, local fisherman.  “He rang me up out of the blue” said Sara,”we hadn’t ever spoken before” and said “what do we need to get this webcam sorted, I will help with the money if necessary”!  Team SaraH was unable to believe someone was just offering to pay for it, he said to leave it with him and he would speak to his friend, Adam Thomas from AC-DC Electrical & Television Services and Team SaraH spent the rest of the day with a spring in their step with the thought that the project a sudden surge towards success.

Meantime, David Lewis from Hean Castle Estate Holiday Cottages who was one of the attendees at the meeting had gone about getting some already installed security equipment adapted to launch a webcam situated on the Coast Restaurant building giving, a fabulous view across towards Saundersfoot Harbour.  However, Saundersfoot Connect still wanted their own!

Within a matter of days and a few conversations between all involved, assistance from Guy Willet from Pembrokeshire Web Design and then a conversation with Mike Davies from Saundersfoot Harbour, the happy ending was the fabulous Saundersfoot Connect Village Webcam which The Harbour Office kindly allowed Adam to install in the crow’s nest of, what was then, their offices. From the minute it went  live and still now many months later, it proves to be very popular with people using it to see how busy the beach is or perhaps plan an early morning sea swim!  The webcam gets on average 2,000 hits every day!

The kindness and teamwork continued, as Adam from AC-DC supplied the fabulous camera free of charge as he realised this was needed sooner rather than later and Gavin continues to pay the hosting fees.

Links to the other two webcams in the local area are below: