Mandy Ryan  Lovely messages from four lovely ladies. I’m looking forward to working with you all in the future 🥰
Pat Brimble Well done to the team enjoy your break and onwards and upwards 💕
Cheryl Badham   it’s been awesome to be part of such a fantastic group of ladies. 🌅💜
#whorunstheworld #girls😎. 
Enjoy you well deserved break xxx
Michelle Jones All your round ups and posts are beautifully written and this is no exception. A poignant tribute to the last 5 months. Have a lovely break and here’s to the future
Wally Norma Marr Enjoy your break girls 😍👍
Verity James Well done everyone for keeping us all well entertained and informed during our lockdown and beyond x
Carol Buckley  Great final for the time being round up ladan thanks all of you enjoy your break love the photo hasta lluega in other words goodbye for now
Glenys Francis Enjoy ladies 💛🧡💙💜
Christine Walker Brilliant, like I’ve said before I am a caravan owner who has spent many, many years visiting this part of Wales, (I am from Wales) this has to be the best group of people running such an amazing and informative Facebook page, I can honestly say I feel privileged to be a small part of this group. THANK YOU
Nicola Antonina Thomas 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 to all , iv only been with you a short time and I’m not even living there but have visited since iv been 16 years old and fell I love with your beautiful fishing harbour little town. Every day your endless positivity and close community connection.
Jonathan Davies Well done all of you, enjoy your well deserved break, another great round up as always, remember, Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow I think that describes what you have all achieved. Its been good to see how the people in the village have helped and inspired others during this period👏👏👏👏👏👏
Mary Jones Have so enjoyed it all. You have all worked so hard at keeping us all same during this awful time. Enjoy your well earned break now. Thank you all so much. Bye bye for now. Missing you all already 😘🧡💛💚💙💜🤎💝 xxxx
Pam Cole Well done all of you. You have done a great job. Enjoy some ‘You’ time but also keep safe. 😘
Viv Carter  Thank you for all the help you have given and the great community spirit you have engendered. Anyone who didn’t know would think this group has been going for years, it is that professional. What you four have produced in five weary months has been immense. You all deserve a huge pat on the back. Thanks again. Viv x
Paul White Thanks for all your hard work, very appreciated.
Lyn Evans Thank you so very much, look forward to the Autumn /Winter months ahead with you all . Enjoy your well earned break 👏👏
Al Romeo Thanks to all of you for running this page. I for one appreciate all your hard work
Sally Hicks Thankyou one and all..have a relaxing break and keep safe xx
Debbie Muggleton Thank you for all the posts that have kept me going over the last few months and the opportunity to see the sea – thank you admin team 😘
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Vanya Elizabeth Rose  Lovely round up, and lovely comments. Just shows what a special community we’re all so lucky to be a part of ❤️
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Juliet Glanville  Enjoy your well deserved break folks. xxx
Jayne McDowall  Thank you to you all for keeping us all updated over the last few months and seeing us through some difficult months as well with your lovely words and photos will miss you all but you deserve a break enjoy your time off stay safe and looking forward from hearing from all very soon x
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Sharon Barber Thank you to you all for the wonderful informative and fun site 👌 have a lovely well deserved break x
Jayne Hawksworth You are all fabulous!!
Denise Cousins Thank you , have enjoyed your uplifting posts ,beautiful photographs and positivity xxx
Rose Fairhurst  Lovely roundup Laden and you have all done an amazing job keeping us sane in these strange times – enjoy your well deserved break xx💖🌈👏👏
Lynn Knibbs From some bad something good has come …. Real community spirit, support for local businesses and lots of fun along the way. Well done Saundersfoot ❤️👏❤️
Gill Balding  Enjoy your well deserved break xx
Sara Jenkins Very well done to you all… you have done your village proud x
Zoe Mizen  You have all done an absolutely AMAZING job. 🌈🌈👏👏. Through this difficult time. I don’t, unfortunately live in your beautiful town but have been a visitor for over 20 years, staying in New Hedges and absolutely LOVE it. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories and especially the sun rise photos. You are truly a wonderful town. X