Would you like a flexible career, helping to support a local family?

The recent pandemic has brought to light just how important our local communities are. Throughout the pandemic, local communities rallied together to support each other. However, there is still just as much need within your local community to provide the same care and support for the most vulnerable and there are many paid roles doing just that.
Our Direct Payments service aims to empower and promote independence of those within your community (both adults and children) that need support, whilst giving them the choice and control of how this support is delivered.
The role of a Social Care Personal Assistant (PA) can be hugely varied, from personal care to companionship and socialisation, dependent on the individual’s needs. The hours can vary too, from a couple of hours a week to full time, from shift work to night support options.
These roles may appeal to many individuals in your community, from someone only wanting a couple of hours a week, e.g. to work around school times or to those wanting to pursue a career in social care, some may have even volunteered during these times.
PAs would work for an individual or family providing 1:1 support, allowing for trust, stability and confidence to grow, where both parties can gain from the experience and build genuine caring relationships.
We have a number of current vacancies across Pembrokeshire which are already advertised http://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/…/personal-assistant… and we are also aiming to build a “pool” of PAs which we can access.
For more information on these roles please telephone Mari-Claire Grenfell on 07881 540489 or email Directpaymentsrecruit@pembrokeshire.gov.uk