The Saundersfoot Connect Admin Team know how much this group means to so many of you and, for that reason, we are planning to keep the Facebook group, this website and our webcam going.

We would love to begin organising more events to give people the opportunity to meet up in person, not just online. Like everything in life though, not everything comes for free. Up until now, we’ve been paying for necessary items ourselves, just to keep things going, particularly through lockdown.

However, although we are happy to give our time at no cost, there are other things that need to be paid for as our shopping list shows.

So, we are asking for donations of £1 or more from anyone who’d like to help out. **With so many members we figured that even if a small percentage of our members could donate even just £1, it would be a massive help**.

If we are lucky enough to raise more than what we need currently, then we will hold the money ready to be put towards the next Harbour Festival in the Summer of 2022.

To help fund Saundersfoot Connect, visit our CrowdFunding page by clicking the link below….

A donation of £1 from many of you, will soon add up and we all know what a great team Saundersfoot Connect is… help if you can!

Sarah, LadanJackieSaraBrigitteCherylRhianydd and Mandy x