Connect Pembrokeshire guest edited Saundersfoot Connect on Tuesday August 18th.  Here is a summary of their posts for the day.  To find out about this fabulous initiative, have a look at their website

Hello Saundersfoot Connect!!! We are the admin team behind the regional Connect platforms – Lee Hind and Josh Beynon. We have a platform in each of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. These platforms are designed to help us capture some of the amazing momentum that built up across West Wales during Covid-19…..and, extend it to try and create an ongoing culture of helping out within our communities.

We asked you why you’d joined Saundersfoot Connect Facebook Group – the comments were simply inspiring. So lovely to read how this group/the website has impacted so positively on people’s lives!! Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your story 🙂 Now for a bit more info about us….

The Pembrokeshire Connect platform is built around the principles of connection (it is a social network) and time banking. Have you ever heard of time banking? It’s a really simple concept that enables us to keep track of the sharing of time between people. Its base principle is 1 hour = 1 time credit. This means that everyone can take part and share whatever they have to offer. Watch this short video to find out more….

We’ve got a couple of other useful bits and pieces to tell you about – on our platform we’ve got a Resources section, packed full of useful info – our top story at the moment features the Community Connectors. We’ve also got a ‘Best of Pembrokeshire’ section where we house the good news stories that warm our hearts. We’re always looking for new stories too – and we have a plan to celebrate yours…

We’d like to do a big feature on Saundersfoot Connect as we think this definitely qualifies as part of the ‘Best of Pembrokeshire!’  We will post up when the story is live – we would love to see you all on the Pembrokeshire platform at some point.

All that remains is for me to say a huge thank you to everyone here for putting up with me today (and a sincere apology to those who thought we were taking over for good!!). Thanks to everyone who liked, shared, commented and engaged with the posts. For me, this has been a real eye opener and a huge inspiration – to see the ways that Saundersfoot Connect has impacted on so many people’s lives is humbling and my eternal respect to the admins and coordinators who worked to make this wonderful project a reality.

Thank you!!

For more information about the work being done by Connect Pembrokeshire, visit their website here.






                  Josh                                                                   Lee