Based in Begelly, Lorraine and her husband Tony’s business was set up a year ago. Their cheery little Tuk Tuks and their drivers, the ‘Rainbow Army’, have cheered up many a person’s day, especially over the last few weeks. The couple behind Tuk Tuk Time are perhaps less well known so let’s spend 60 seconds getting to know them a little bit better!

What’s the story behind your business?   We were on holidays in Portugal, had our first ride in a Tuk Tuk around Lisbon and decided Pembrokeshire needed the same experience. We came home, did some research and started trading in June 2019. The plan was to hire out tuk tuks for tours, weddings, events and a small amount of taxi work. Obviously none of those activities are happening right now so the four tuk tuks are being put to good use offering a loca delivery service.

Do your Tuk Tuks have names? Yes they do! Enfys, Del, Hector and Hattie. Enfys being Welsh for Rainbow was

purchased and delivered during the lockdown so this seemed an appropriate name especially as Enfys is multi-

coloured. Del we thought apt as short for delivery (though many think the name either relates to Delhi or Del boy).

Hector is the name of the grandson of someone who helped us in the early days of set up and Hattie because

our daughter had a friend with the name, and we liked the sound.

What do you like best about running your business? The joy tuk tuks bring to all, particularly at the moment.

What is the most unusual customer request you’ve had? A client has requested a convoy of four tuk tuks for a birthday experience. We will share photographs when this has happened!

Where were you born? We’re both Pembrokeshire born and bred – I grew up in Begelly, Tony in Haverfordwest.

Do you speak any languages (other than English!)? We’re both trying to learn Portuguese – we love to visit that country and, of course, it was the ‘birthplace’ of our business idea! Also, Tony can speak Welsh – though he’s quite rusty now!

How long have you been in the area? I moved to England when I was 21. When I came back to the area three years ago, I returned to where I was born – The Buttles Caravan Park in Begelly.

Do you have family in the area? We do – some live literally next door! (brother and sister-in-law). We also have relatives in Loveston and Pentlepoir.

Who inspires you? The volunteers who drive the Tuk Tuks (aka the Rainbow Army) are a constant inspiration – they’re the embodiment of ‘service with a smile’ and we’re very proud of them all. I also find Tom Jones inspiring and Tony is a Tommy Cooper fan.

What do you do in your downtime? I like walking, reading, Rainbow Army and true story movies (Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks is my favourite). Tony likes watching Formula 1, cycling and reading.

What three things make you happy? Our daughter, our family and our friends.

What is your favourite meal? I loves Salmon En-Croute. Tony’s favourite is a good Spaghetti Bolognese.

Tell us something that most people won’t know about you. We’re missing our daughter. She lives in Dorset and we haven’t seen her since January.

Do you have any pets? We used to have a Jack Russell dog. We don’t have pets at the moment.

What is your worst habit? Ah, OK – according to my husband my worst habit is that I’m always right (!). When I asked Tony what his worst habit was he said “being more in love with my tractor than my wife – or so she tells me”!!

What other job(s) do you think you’d be really good at and why? Mmm a singer – I can just hear myself singing a duet with Tom Jones.  We could also both probably be stock controllers for the local supermarket since answering the many calls from the community for their shopping needs.

What are you reading right now? Emails, emails and more emails!!!!. Tony is reading ‘My life on a plate’ by Pru Leigh.

What are you looking forward to? Hugging and seeing our daughter who lives in Dorset.

What three words would you use to describe yourself? Determined, visionary, bubbly (Lorraine). Thoughtful, deep, shy (Tony).

Crisps or chocolate? Chocolate

Wine or beer? Wine (Lorraine) Beer (Tony)

Coffee or tea? Tea (Lorraine) Coffee (Tony)

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about you? I’ll be looking for a personal trainer when this is over and all the many kind bakers I know will be politely avoided!!! Tony really enjoys driving the tuk tuks but it’s been necessary for him to isolate and therefore not be out on the road. He is looking forward to returning when the time is right but in the meantime he wants to thank the team for their hard work and dedication.